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Accreditation for the State Visit from France to Denmark

20.08.2018  12:22

Press programme
Details about the press pools and size of pools can be found in the Press Programme via the link below.

Please read the programme carefully before applying for the pools.

Please monitor the programme regularly for updates (a tentative programme was last updated on 17 August 2018): http://ipcd.dk/en/accreditation

How to register
To register for a media accreditation and apply for pools seats during the state visit you need to fill in an online application form.

When you fill in the form, you must mark the press pools that you would like to apply for access to.

Please note that there is no guarantee to get the pool seats you mark. The allocation of pool seats depends on the number of applicants and pool seats available.

The accreditation will close on Wednesday 22 August 10:00 (CEST). No registration after this deadline.

Allocation of pool seats
Allocation of pool seats are expected be published on this website in the evening of Thursday 23 August 2018.

Information about possible waiting lists for pool seats and pick up of accreditation and pool cards is also expected be announced on this web site in the evening on 23 August 2018.

Questions about the accreditation?
For questions about the accreditation, please contact Peter Krause at the IPC
(International Press Centre), E-mail: peter@umipc.dk, Tel: +45 20 70 69 70

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