Energy Resources & Screenings in France

Aymeric Kouam - [email protected]

Background and Context 

The mission in Paris is continuing its work on exposing a group of Danish energy efficient solution providers for the industry, to the French market. The focus will be on various levers of decarbonisation, mostly for the food-processing sector (Dairies & Breweries), in order to bring to the table a global solution for the French industry:

  • Production of renewable energy: Heat and electricity
  • Excess heat recovery
  • Digitalisation and process optimisation
  • Electrification
  • Energy Efficient processes and utilities
  • Water and resources efficiency

Last year, the mission in Paris has conducted 2 studies to identified market opportunities in France at first, in the pharmaceutical sector to legitimise Danish competences, and also to map the various Danish solution providers for the industry, which resulted in the identification of about 35 companies, of which 19 are SMEs.

Moreover the Energy screenings will provide insights into technologies, services and regulatory practices in France where Denmark can support companies and institutions. This work is done to continue to build Government to Government collaboration between the Danish Energy Agency and France and to unlock exports potential.

Based on previous positive experiences, energy and resource screenings by Danish experts in other countries with Industry Decarbonisation focus, and the work that we are doing towards companies in France, the project will provide valuable information about drivers and barriers, best practices and technology adaptation in French enterprises, with respect to energy efficiency, water use and decarbonisation.

Tender Documents: 

01 Instructions for Tenderers

02 Criteria and Method of Evaluation

03 Notification of Processing of Personal Data

04 Standard Consultancy Agreement for purchases below the thresholds

05 Appendix 1 Terms of Reference

06 Appendix 2 Contract Price and Services

07 Appendix 3 CSR Requirements and Labour Clause